Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cyclone NADA may not cross land as a Cyclone !

8:30pm, Shows a slightly weakened and sheared Cyclone #Nada ...

For Cyclone #NADA , Wind shear is high from now and towards TN coast .. you can see it's already taking toll by exposing most of LLC center  .. 

But, Models continue to suggest that #NADA will track WNW towards central-coast Tamilnadu as Cyclone ! #Nada "may" melt along central coast tamilnadu during night of 1-Dec without crossing as Cyclone  ... 

As of latest HEAVY rain are still forecast for central,N-coast Tamilnadu and into S-coast Andhra from morning of 1-Dec ! 
#Chennai - may get its first round of showers around early morning, 1-Dec ... 
early morning, Nagapattinam to Pondicherry belt will also have its first showers !!

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