Monday, November 28, 2016

1st December again ! 91B - expected to cross central,N-coast Tamilnadu !

S Bay circulation, LOW is now tracked as 91B .. Latest satellite IR shows good convective activity ..

91B is expected to move NW and intensify into a Depression in next 36hrs.. seems to be a fast moving system !! 

Models expect this mid-level winds will guide 91B towards Tamilnadu coast in next 48hrs ...

91B - Present wind shear in its predicted path is high, so there's less of intensifying into a Cyclone !!

91B - many models suggest a central-coast (near Pondicherry) Tamilnadu landfall as D.Depression on 1-Dec .. "2015's famous day " ...

@AfsarOfficial @wilfredmichael6 >> 
Rains for #Chennai expected to start from early hrs of 1-Dec as of latest !

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