Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Depression 97B over N Bay has moved North into S Bengal as of 12pm, visible satellite shot ...

Depression 97B ... 11:30am, pressure is estimated to be around 994mb.
As per #Kolkata Airport METAR at 12:30pm, the pressure is at 991mb .
#Kolkata Airport is reporting "Light rain" at 12:30pm.

Depression 97B is expected to move WNW or NW in next 36hrs, and travel across S,SW,W Bengal, Jharkhand, N Chatisgarh.
GFS, ECMWF models suggest a WNW movement from now on till noon of Friday.
Expected to reach E,NE Madhyapradesh ..

This is the latest pressure chart depicting the position of 97B and its pressure of 994mb ...

Next 36hrs.
S,SW,W Bengal, N,NE Odisha, N Chatisgarh and Jharkhand..
During next 36hrs, Widespread HEAVY rain #ALERT also for E,NE Madhyapradesh into S,W Bihar, E,central Uttarpradesh.

In next 24hrs, Widespread, VERY HEAVY rain possible over SW,W Bengal and into many zones of Jharkhand including #Jhamshedpur #Ranchi 
Towards early hrs of Friday, HEAVY rain will shift into E,NE Madhyapradesh and then into central zones of the state.

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