Saturday, August 06, 2016

95B is inland and over N,central Chatisgarh now as low,mid,upper-level circulation...
Now, the monsoon axis is seen from W Gujarat to 95B over N-central Chatisgarh, embedded with another circulation over W-coast Gujarat. At mid-levels the circulation is seen along W-coast Gujarat and at low-levels its over NW Gujarat, SE Pakistan ..

In next 2 days, circulation 95B is expected is expected to drift NW towards #Delhi ...
Meanwhile, the W-coast Gujarat circulation is expected to persist for another 36hrs and fizzle / merge with trough !

In next 36hrs, HEAVY, widespread rain ahead for central,S,W,E,NE Madhyapradesh ..
Heavy rain ahead for S,SE Rajasthan, N,NE,E,SE Gujarat into W,SW M.P and NW Maharastra in next 24hrs.
Scattered HEAVY rain also for N,NE,E Maharastra, S Chatisgarh and Odisha, Jharkhand, W,central Bengal on today & Sunday.
Scattered HEAVY rain also for N,E Punjab, Himachal, NW Uttarpradesh, Haryana and Uttarakhand on Today, Sunday !

11:30am, IR shows, HEAVY T showers over N Punjab, Haryana, NW Uttarpradesh ...

#Mumbai, Maharastra coast, W-ghats and coast Karnataka, W-ghats will continue to get the battering during next 30hrs 

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