Sunday, July 03, 2016

Today, the circulation over Haryana persists and another seen over E,E-central India over Jharkhand, N Chatisgarh ...
This E India circulation is expected to persist there for 36hrs and then expected to drift West into E Madhyapradesh on Tuesday !
GFS expects this circulation to drive upto Gujarat towards weekend !!

2pm, HEAVY rain seen over W,central Bengal, Jharkhand, S Bihar, N Chatisgarh, SE Uttarpradesh ...

In next 24hrs, HEAVY rain expected over N,central Chatisgarh, S Bihar, E Uttarparadesh, Jharkhand and N,W Odisha..
No respite in rainfall expected along coast, ghats of Maharastra and into SE Gujarat !

#Chennai - today, scattered mini showers expected after 5pm. And T showers expected on Monday & Tuesday evening.
#Bangalore - Less / No rain expected today, and rain activity is expected to pick again from Tuesday !

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