Friday, July 22, 2016

A low,mid-level circulation seen along central,N-coast Andhra, and its N-S trough seen from NNE Madhyapradesh ..
The upper-level circulation is seen weak along #Chennai ...

During next 36/42hrs, the low,mid-level circulation is expected to drift NNW along N coast Andhra ...

in 36hrs, Under this influence, a low,mid-level circulation expected over Madhyapradesh in the Northern part of trough !
In 24hrs, the upper-level circulation is also expected to drift NNW into central coast Andhra... .. which also expected to pop an upper-level circulation along coastal Maharastra. ** Heavy rain ahead **

Next 36hrs, Andhra coast circulation is expected to whip up HEAVY widespread rain over N,central Andhra, Telangana ..

The expected circulation over Madhyapradesh in 36hrs will bring HEAVY widespread rain for S,central,SW,W Madhyapradesh, S,central Chatisgarh
In 36hrs, scattered HEAVY rain also for E,central,N Maharastra.

The Super heavy rains are expected to be along coastal Maharastra, #Mumbai, #Goa and entire Karnataka coast for next 2 days !

Next 36hrs, the #Monsoon axis is expected to give Heavy rain for N,NW,NE Uttarpradesh, N,central Bihar, N Bengal and Sikkim !

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