Monday, June 20, 2016

Latest analysis show that the low-level circulation is over S-central Maharastra ...
. and the mid-level (700hpa) circulation has almost fizzled out and lying over N,NW Karnataka, SW Maharastra.
There's no 500hpa circulation!

In next 24hrs, this S-central Maharastra circulation is expected to weaken and merge into the N-S trough \ present #Monsoon axis !
On 23-Jun, another low,mid-level circulation is expected over Bay, this time over W-Bay...

Again #Monsoon delayed for #Mumbai, the present circulation has failed to push the monsoon North.
Models suggest, it've to wait till 26/27th
12pm, Satellite shows, SW-coast has gone silent again !! Rainfall reduced !. showers seen over N Andhra ..

Until this Maharastra circulation fizzles out (in 24hrs) , moderate / heavy rain possible along N,central,NW and coastal Maharastra !
#Mumbai - expected to get moderate to heavy showers in next 36hrs .. 

In next 48hrs, HEAVY widespread rain expected over S-coast Karnataka and N,central Kerala 
into Nilgiris of Tamilnadu !
T showers expected again over S,SE Karnataka, S Andhra and N,NE Tamilnadu and into #Chennai on today and 21-Jun.
Today, Scattered T showers also for N Andhra, S Odisha, S,N Chatisgarh into Jharkhand.
T showers also for N,E Uttarpradesh !

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