Friday, May 20, 2016

Roanu - Bangladesh get ready

#Roanu at 5pm, "Maintaining intensity regardless of land proximity" and tracking NE. Now along S-coast Odisha..
#Roanu to continue its NE journey and expected to intensify further in 24/36hrs and make landfall over S Bangladesh...

#Alert #Roanu 
"Bangladesh get ready" .. landfall expected in next 24 hrs just west of Chittagong ...

5:30pm, T showers E Maharastra, central,S Madhyapradesh.
Cloudy Odisha,S Bengal due to #Roanu, Kerala coast rainfall ..
Kolkata - RADAR at 5:50pm, shows showers due to outer band of #Roanu has pushed upto S Bengala and NE Odisha...

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