Friday, May 20, 2016

Roanu "almost" making landfall along N-coast Andhra

RT @airnewsalerts: 
#Kerala : Heavy rain lashes Thiruvananthapuram and other parts of the state #iwm

Cyclone #Roanu , 7:30am, after a mini weakening session of 6hrs, it has started to pick intensity and moving NE & N ..
8am, #Roanu is "almost" making landfall along N-extreme coast of Andhra.
Heavy rain ALL over N Andhra, #Vizag ..

8am, HEAVY convective activity seen along N Andhra and into S,central-coast Odisha...
8am, Heavy monsoon style rain for S,central Kerala and S-tip Tamilnadu ...

Nagercoil , S-tip Tamilnadu got 73mm till 7:30am.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM got 117mm till 6:30am.

"Even though it's very close to land" - #Roanu is expected to continue its NE movement along Odisha coast to N Bay ..

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