Saturday, May 28, 2016

Monsoon to reach Kerala on 5-Jun-2016

At low-levels (850hpa) the winds have picked up speed and more of WNW along S-coast Kerala. 
Monsoon style rains to continue for coast !
For S-coast Kerala the low-levels are expected to be W,WNW during next 2 days with good strength.

Monsoon for S Kerala is expected on 5-Jun ...

During next 2 days... "Monsoon style" moderate showers to continue along S,central Kerala, S-tip Tamilnadu W-ghats ..
Today evening and on Sunday evening...
Scattered T showers will pop over central,N,NW,NE Tamilnadu and into S,SW,SE Karnataka and S Andhra
Today and Sunday..
#Chennai to have #HOT day till 4pm and "chance (40%)" of a T shower over NW,W,SW,S suburbs.
Bangalore to get "more T showers" after 4pm on today and Sunday !

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