Monday, May 23, 2016

Monsoon expected over S Kerala on 28/29-May

6:30pm, HEAVY T showers over Haryana into W Uttarpradesh, N Chatisgarh, central,N Odisha ..

Weather parameters are getting ready for Monsoon onset over S Peninsula in next 5 days !..
NW India, Pakistan heat LOW is around 996mb.
And its trough to East (Monsoon axis) is in good shape !
"Good" East coast trough from N Bengal, Bihar is seen dipping upto SE Tamilnadu.. and the west coast trough is also taking shape !

N,N-central Arabian sea is getting ready to host a circulation due to the strong rush of Somali jet into S,SW Arabian sea.
Monsoon is expected to set foot over S Kerala and S-tip Tamilnadu on 28/29-May ...

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