Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cyclone Roanu is here and moving North East

01B is now Cyclone Roanu.. as expected by models, it has taken a NE movement .. here's the plot of present position ..
#Roanu - 5:30pm, wind analysis show good above 60kmph winds core. Mostly concentrated along S,SW,E quadrant..

7pm, ADT analysis of #Roanu shows pressure at 985mb, "sign on weakening due to close proximity to land"..
#Roanu - is expected to continue with its NE track drifting along Indian coastline into NW,N Bay in next 48hrs..

5:30pm, Visible shot of Cyclone #Roanu, Monsoon style showers will push into S-Kerala, S-tip Tamilnadu tonight..
8:10pm, Machilipatnam RADAR shows "Heavy rain all along central-coast Andhra and City itself" ...

@chirravi2 >> 
Evening of 20th - As per latest model guidance, #Roanu would have moved away from #Vizag into Bay, But "Rain" will be there !

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