Sunday, May 08, 2016

Chennai - 12:45pm, Temperatures not crossing beyond 36 C.
Remember, this is "Kathiri season" !

As long as the low-level anti-cyclone is present over central Bay, the winds will be from Bay ALL along SE coast..
Normally, at this time of year, the central Bay anti-cyclone will not be there. Instead the winds over peninsula into Bay will be from W,NW.

Central Bay anti-cyclone is expected to persist till 12-May, so DAY temperature along entire SE coast, Tamilnadu coast will not touch 40C.
#Chennai - the day temps will hover around 36 C till 12-May.
#Bangalore - will have day temps around 35 C and almost 80% chance of scattered T showers (in and around city) on 8,9,10-May.

Rainfall Till 8:30am, today..
Bangalore 47mm
Kolkata (DumDum) 34mm
Dhubri 28mm

Before morning of 9-May..
Scattered T showers over S,central,W-ghats Kerala, W-ghats,NW,W,S,central,N Tamilnadu ...
In 24hrs, moderate T showers will pop over S,NE Andhra, S,SW Karnataka, S,NE Odisha into S,SW Bengal.
In next 12hrs...
1 or 2 T showers will pop over NW,W Maharastra near to W-ghats and into SE Gujarat .

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