Wednesday, May 18, 2016

91B - tracking north along N-coast Tamilnadu and intensifying

5:30pm, 91B is a Depression with pressure around 996mb (as of GFS) and drifted North along Tamilnadu coast...

Now the 91B is expected to travel thru less shear zone, so its intensity will (or) can increase in next 12hrs...
By early morning, 91B can become Deep Depression (or) a marginal Cyclone and track close to #Chennai ..
91B - GFS expects the system to become a marginal Cyclone at around noon of 18-May, very near to #Chennai ..

Today afternoon, 91B is expected to track North along #Chennai coast and push to S,central-coast Andhra !

#Chennai - can experience HEAVY rain and high winds during next 12hrs.
Especially high winds after 5/6am.
#Chennai , N-coast Tamilnadu and S-coast Andhra to experience heavy rain & high winds during next 12hrs...

#Chennai - 12:26am, Pressure at 998.7mb, and a band of heavy rain is nearing coast ...
Upper-level Wind profile ..
It's turning North upto 1km above sea... meaning 91B is nearing Chennai latitude and moving North.

"IF" 91B continue to track North along Chennai,N Tamilnadu coast.. apart from 1 or 2 heavy rain, NO significant rain expected for these zone.
"IF" 91B drifts NW towards #Chennai, then city can expect "HEAVY" widespread rain with high winds from 4am to 12noon.

GFS suggests a Northerly track for 91B during next 12hrs- meaning 1 or 2 heavy rain along coast for Chennai, N TN,S Andhra.
This is the GFS forecast of rain along Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu and S-coast Andhra during next 24hrs...

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