Sunday, February 07, 2016

Present WD will ease out in 24hrs and next on 11-Feb

Today, the upper-level WD trough is seen over N,NW India and its low-level circulation over N-central #India ..
In next 24hrs, the upper-level trough of the present WD will move East and fizzle out, but a weak low-level circulation will be over Bihar.
Next, WD will affect N,NW India from 11-Feb...

2:30pm, Cloudy with rain over Himachal and into Uttarakhand due to WD.
And cloudy over N,central Uttarpradesh..
This WD has given some rain for Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal, Uttarakhand
Banihal 11.3mm
Sundernagar 23
Patiala 2
Dehradun 9
#Delhi got 0.1mm

In next 36hrs,
Scattered light / moderate rain for Himachal, Uttarakhand and W,N,central Uttarpradesh..

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