Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hot conditions to continue for central,S-central Peninsula

Today, the SE Bay circulation persisted ...
In next 3 / 4 days this SE Bay circulation is expected to drift West towards Srilanka coast !
GFS suggests a WSW drift on Sunday !
Some of the bands from this circulation "may" reach central Tamilnadu coast on Sunday night / Monday ...

At low-levels, the LWD runs from S-tip Tamilnadu to SW Karnataka to Telangana ...
This LWD is keeping S,central Peninsula with some humidity, cloudiness, scattered rain and warm / hot weather.. 

A low-level circulation over Jharkhand & W Bengal is keeping Odisha, Bengal cloudy with some rain activity. ! ..

In next 36hrs,
Scattered T showers over W-ghats Kerala, Tamilnadu, SW,W Karnataka... In 36hrs, Scattered rain also forecast for NE Odisha into S,central Bengal.
Odd one is also expected over #Kolkata !

#Chennai - after touching 33.8 on 10-Feb, today it was again 32.8 C.
Next 2 days it'll be Mild mornings at 23 C.
32 C Day.
26 C evening !

Today again, N-central,central,S Peninsula was #HOT.
Some places recorded almost 38 C, conditions will continue ..

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