Wednesday, February 03, 2016

6,7,8-Feb An easterlies will effect Tamilnadu with high humidity with a chance of rain

An easterlies has pushed into SE Bay and will travel West in next 36hrs...
The easterlies will reach Srilanka coast, central,SE-coast of Tamilnadu on Friday...
On 5,6-Feb

Upcoming easterlies will push in low,mid,upper-level moisture into S,interior and even for N Tamilnadu on 6,7,8-Feb ...
Upcoming easterlies is expected to drop a low-level circulation over SSE Bay on Sunday along 5th latitude..

Rain from this easterlies will be below 10th parallel along SE-coast Tamilnadu and for Srilanka !
On 5,6,7-Feb, present #HOT temperature in Tamilnadu will be combined with higher humidity and some cloudy weather with a chance of Rain.

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