Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunday Rain for central,SE-coast Tamilnadu

11:30am, High,medium high cloud cover with light rain around along S-coast Andhra, N-coast Tamilnadu..
12:30pm, #Chennai RADAR shows "no" significant cloud buildup along coast or interiors ...

Wind confluence is happening along S-coast Andhra & Chennai & N-coast Tamilnadu ...
Easterlies are nearing Tamilnadu coast, expected to reach tonight along central,SE-coast Tamilnadu ...
Presence of low-level Anti-cyclone over NE Andhra will drive easterlies further South below 11/10 N along TN coast ..

#Chennai - Till now (1:17pm) from midnight, got some passing drizzles / light rain.
Now its "warm & cloudy with 29.3 C" @IWMpolichalur 
In next 24hrs, For #Chennai, S-coast Andhra, NE,N-coast Tamilnadu,
Cloudy with Scattered light / moderate rain possible.
For #Chennai and S-coast Andhra, Less / NO rain expected after 3pm of Sunday.
It can be cloudy and warm till Monday afternoon.

Due to easterlies,
Scattered moderate rain, central,SE coast and adjoining interior Tamilnadu expected from night, 23-Jan to morning, 25-Jan
DRY conditions to return to entire Tamilnadu after evening of Monday, 25-Jan.

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