Thursday, January 07, 2016

Present WD will make way for another COLD wave in N,central,NW,E-central India

Most places in #Kerala continue to record above 33 C day temp.
Kozhikode 36.2 C
Cannur, Alapuzha 35.9 C
Kottayam 34 C
Trivandrum 33.5 C

W,SW coast of #India continue to register above 33 C today as well...
Honavar 36.1 C
Mangalore 36 C
Goa 34.8 C
#Mumbai 32.1 C

There's NO respite in day temp seen for W,SW coast India, S,central Tamilnadu, E Maharastra, NE Andhra, S Chatisgarh ...

Yesterday's mid,upper-level WD trough is now along 68E and dipping South to 20N lying all along N,NW,W India..
This WD trough will continue to drift East into India and fizzle out in next 15hrs.
5:30pm, IR shows cloudy with light and moderate rain over NE,central,E Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, Kashmir ...

Due to WD, the day and night temp across N,NW,N-central India continues to be above normal.
Today morning, Amristar records 3.8 C
Today morning #Delhi (Palam) records 13 C which is 6 C above normal.
Temps will dip again from noon / evening of 8-Jan.
Till 5:30pm today, Shimla records 12mm of rain.
#Delhi can expect a light rain before morning of Friday !

From night of 8-Jan
Day & Night temps will dip again (some places below normal) over N,central,NW,E-central India..

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