Sunday, January 17, 2016

Moderate rain to continue over S Madhyapradesh and T showers expected for Karnataka

An upper-level WD trough is slowly taking shape along N,NW Afghanistan.. will deepen in next 24hrs ...
This upper-level WD trough will deepen and push into N,NW India on Monday late-evening ...
Associated mid-level trough of WD will be along 70E and dipping SW upto SW-central Arabian sea on evening, 18-Jan ..
This mid-level circulation will drive in moisture from Arabian sea into central India thru Maharastra, Karnataka coast from evening, 18-Jan.

Yesterday's low-level circulation near N Maharastra coast persists and will for next 15hrs, before merging with WD circulation on 18th,night. Maharastra coast circulation and Odisha coast Anti-cyclone is creating wind confluence over central,N Peninsula ...
WD's low-level circulation will pick strength over E Rajasthan, W Madhyapradesh and move E-N-E from morning, 19-Jan ...

Before midnight, 18-Jan,
Scattered moderate rain to persist over S,SW,SE Madhyapradesh, N,NE Maharastra...
In next 36hrs, Scattered moderate rain will push further into Jharkhand, N Odisha and persist over N,central Chatisgarh.
From evening of Monday,
Scattered showers expected over S,SE,central Rajasthan, one or two over E Gujarat.

After noon/evening of 18-Jan.. T Showers will light up over Karnataka coast, N,central coast Kerala, Lakshadweep.. 
Evening, late-evening of 18th.
Scattered T showers over S,W,central Karnataka, #Bangalore, N,NW,W-ghats Tamilnadu, SW,W Andhra, Telangana !

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