Thursday, January 28, 2016

Heavy snow ahead for Kashmir and Himachal

A strong anti-cyclone is settling in over West India ... and temperatures rise over most of S,central Peninsula ...
This anti-cyclone is expected to drift SE due to upcoming WD and position itself over N,NE Andhra from Sunday!

Today, it was #hot over S,central Peninsula...
Cannur 35.7 C
Chennai 31.3 
Hyderabad 34
Gulbarga 35.6 C..

A weak WD trough is approaching N,NW borders of India.
3:30pm, it's clouding has started push into Punjab, Kashmir..
Upcoming WD trough will affect N,NW India on Friday and this is followed by another trough which'll affect on Sunday ..
The present WD system is expected to have higher moisture in upper-levels than the next WD trough.
So HEAVY snow/rain for Kashmir ahead !

In next 36hrs...
HEAVY snow / rain expected over S,central Kashmir and into Himachal...
From midnight today to midnight of 29th...
Scattered light/moderate rain for N,W Punjab and over Northern reaches of Uttarakhand.

Next 3 days...
COLD nights and HOT days ahead for N Tamilnadu.
#Chennai - will have 31/32 C days and mornings will be around 21 C
But, central,S-central Peninsula to have Hot days and above normal Night temps during next 3 days.
COLD conditions are expected to ease from E-central India in next 2 / 3 days.
Due to WD,
Day and Night temps will be around Normal or above normal over N,NW,N-central India on 29,30 Jan.

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