Friday, December 11, 2015

Scattered rain expected for N,NW Karnataka, S,E Maharastra, S,central Chatisgarh

Today, High pressure, anti-cyclone is taking control along Andhra coast, N Tamilnadu ...
Meanwhile, moisture and easterlies expected to persist over S,SE Tamilnadu for next 36hrs ...

Now, due to WD trough, moisture push is happening from Arabian sea thru Maharastra coast up to Odisha, S Bengal ..
This moisture push from Arabian sea to Odisha is expected to persist till Monday noon..

High pressure is expected to take full control of entire South Peninsula on 13-Dec, this'll remove possibility of rain for S Tamilnadu too !

S Arabian sea circulation is expected to persist and move West and may reach upto Somali coast on Monday / Tuesday ..

Rainfall forecast for next 36hrs

Before morning of 12-Dec...
Isolated T showers for central Tamilnadu.
Scattered, Heavy for S,SE,S-central Tamilnadu 

In next 18hrs,
Scattered T showers expected over NW,N Karnataka, S,SW,E Maharastra, S,central Chatisgarh..
These showers are expected on Saturday too for N,NW Karnataka, S,SE,E Maharastra, S,central Chatisgarh.

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