Sunday, December 06, 2015

HEAVY rain ahead for N,central-coast Tamilnadu, some for Chennai

Latest, the SW Bay circulation is now over Comorin sea, just South of kanyakumari ...
In 36hrs, this circulation is expected to drift West into SE corner Arabian sea and fizzle out over Maldives.

Meanwhile, the Easterlies will be strong upto 13/14 latitude (Chennai) till evening of Monday.
So more rain ahead !
Low,mid-level anti-cyclone is expected to push into central India in next 24hrs... this'll push DRY cold winds South ..

#Chennai - On Today (Sunday) and till Monday evening, intermittent moderate / heavy rain expected 
Chennai latitude (13N) is going to be a boundary for dry and moist wind during next 36 hrs, before this dry air pushes South.
One can observe the high pressure contour and dry & moist air boundary along 13 N (or) Chennai latitude ..
Chennai - a 40% chance of getting "prolonged" HEAVY rain from noon/evening today to morning of Monday especially for South suburbs.

For N,central-coast Tamilnadu upto Karaikal, HEAVY rain will continue on today, Monday, Tuesday !
Scattered HEAVY T shower #Alert for S,S-tip,central Tamilnadu today and on 7-Dec...

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