Friday, December 25, 2015

26-Dec, light / moderate rain expected for S Andhra, N-coast Tamilnadu, Chennai

Analysis show that the easterlies has reached upto S,S-central Bay with subdued moisture content ..
This easterlies is expected to reach Tamilnadu coast on 26-Dec..
With less moisture over N,central coast and better content over SE,S TN.
Due to easterlies, moderate to heavy rain expected for SE,S Tamilnadu and some zones of central-coast on 27-Dec ...

Today, at low-levels, a LWD and a weak circulation seen over S Chatisgarh, S Odisha and adjoining NE Andhra..
Due to this, good low-level moisture seen along Odisha, NNW Bay, NE Andhra and S Chatisgarh ...
11:40pm, 24-Dec.
S,central Odisha is cloudy with light rain and cloudy over S Bengal ...
In 36hrs, this moisture along Odisha coast is expected to be pushed S,SSW along SE coast India by anti cyclone over W India.
GFS expects this low-level moisture to be pushed upto S-coast Andhra and N-coast Tamilnadu, #Chennai today evening..

This moisture along with easterlies is expected to pop low intensity showers along S,central coast Andhra from midnight of 25-Dec.
On 26-Dec, 1 or 2 light / moderate scattered rain expected over S-coast Andhra, N-coast Tamilnadu, #Chennai ..
In the meantime, 26-Dec, easterlies will start giving showers along central-coast Tamilnadu.
Rain will be scattered, 1 or 2 will be heavy !
Shower activity along #Chennai and N-coast Tamilnadu is expected to persist only till mid-morning or noon of Sunday, 27-Dec !
Due to presence of real conditions in upper-levels over S-coast Andhra, N-coast TN, rains will be of less intensity ...

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