Monday, November 09, 2015

Wind pattern and location of centre.

Cuddalore to day the 09 Nov 2015 at 1130 hrs IST reported 997.6hPa with wind direction NW and wind speed 10knots. the pressure fall at this time was 13.5hPa. Similarly at 1430 hrs IST the wind was WEST-NWly with speed 18knots.  the pressure being 994.3hpa (the lowest) with falling of pressure tendency by 13.5hPa.
This indicates that the system's distinguished  outer periphery touched the shore NORTH of Cuddalore perhaps at 1430 hrs IST or later. Only the outer periphery of the system moved inside the land and NOT the CENTRE.
At 2030 hrs IST Chennai is reporting EASTly 08knots  and Cuddalore is reporting WESTly 21knots.
so one can infer that the centre of the system lies North of Cuddalore but South of Chennai. 
The encircling clouds in interior TN will give good amount of rainfall in west interior TN.

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