Saturday, November 21, 2015

Next 2 days - Rain for West coast, S, coast Tamilnadu

Today, circulation seen over E-central Arabian sea and its easterly trough seen upto S Gujarat ...
Now a Weak circulation seen over SW Bay and easterlies is nearing Tamilnadu coast.. 

In next 24hrs, the Arabian sea circulation is expected to fizzle out, but the easterly trough will persist upto NW Maharastra, S Gujarat.
.. this trough will fed by present easterlies in Bay.
Trough expected to persist till Monday ..

Today, HEAVY T showers expected ALL along W-ghats and coast from N Kerala to NW Maharastra..
Today, T showers also possible over NW,W Maharastra as well.
1 or 2 will pop over S,S-E Gujarat.
These T showers for W-coast of India can persist on Sunday and on Monday !

#Mumbai - can get a T shower on today and Sunday !


Tamilnadu coast will face fresh easterlies from Today evening/night ...
Upcoming easterlies will affect Interior, coastal Tamilnadu till Monday noon/evening ...

Heavy widespread rain possible for central coast Tamilnadu from today late-evening ..
Towards early hrs of Sunday and into morning, heavy passing showers will push into N-coast Tamilnadu and Chennai.

Afternoon, evening, midnight T showers will persist over S,S-central Tamilnadu on today and Sunday !

#Chennai - 8:45am, Easterlies is strong along city and another round of moderate rain pushing into North zones. It can spread to other zones
#Chennai - will continue to get intermittent moderate/light rain thru the day.
It'll get heavy after late-evening.
#Chennai - can expect HEAVY spells on Sunday !
... this is going to be really bad for FLOODS

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