Sunday, November 29, 2015

Next 2 days HEAVY rain forecast for S-coast Andhra, coastal Tamilnadu ON

Elongated low-level circulation persists along 5th parallel over S,SSW Bay ...
Present movement of this circulation is West and it may not consolidate into a LOW in next 24hrs.
Instead, it is expected to come near to SE coast Srilanka as an organized circulation and then drift NW on Monday..
Further movement of this circulation has to be monitored during next 36hrs ! 

11:30am, moderate convective activity seen all along Chennai, N,central coast Tamilnadu over inland ...
Chennai - 11:50am, Sharp showers seen over West suburbs.
More showers will pop over inland (city,suburbs) in next 1 or 2 hrs.
Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu - Before midnight today, Intermittent 2/3 moderate Rain will push in from Sea.
HEAVY spells expected on Monday !

Chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am today.
Nungambakkam 0.8 mm
Airport 5.8 mm
IWM Polichalur 4.2 mm

An upper-level WD trough (upto 19N) is expected to travel East over N,central India during next 3 days...
This WD trough can influence the movement of present SSW Bay circulation to move NW towards Tamilnadu coast in 48hrs 

As the circulation is expected to move NW in next 48hrs.. GFS predicts a Heavy Widespread rainfall for S-coast Andhra to SE coast Tamilnadu
On 30-Nov, 1,2-Dec...
N,central coast Tamilnadu, Chennai and S-coast Andhra to get HEAVY rainfall.
Some places can reach above 15 cm.
Latest GFS suggests a "HEAVY rain alert" from Monday evening to Morning of 2-Dec for Chennai ...

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