Sunday, November 08, 2015

96B - Diwali shopping dampener ! HEAVY rain ahead for Coast Tamilnadu, Chennai, S-coast Andhra

At present 96B is a WML, with pressure around 1004mb and located at 10.4N, 83.8E, winds upto 45kmph ...

From now on... GFS expects the 96B to intensify to a max of Depression in 24hrs and cross central-coast Tamilnadu ..
But, HWRF model suggests a Cyclone in next 24hrs and make landfall along central-coast Tamilnadu in next 24hrs ..

HEAVY intermittent rain ahead for S-coast Andhra, Chennai and N,central-coast Tamilnadu before midnight today..
And.. more HEAVY and almost non-stop rain expected for S-coast Andhra, N,central coast Tamilnadu, Chennai after 12am, before evening, 9-Nov

VERY Heavy rain possible along Chennai, N,central coast Tamilnadu and Pondicherry before evening of 9-Nov..

Latest RADAR shows, waves of HEAVY rain pushing towards entire Tamilnadu coast from Chennai to Karaikal ...

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