Tuesday, November 03, 2015

1. The Low expected in the Arabian Sea has formed off the Karnataka Coast. Currently at 1010 mb, it will deepen fast to 1008 mb and then to 1006 mb , and move West.

2. N-1 which had formed and moved East wards across Kashmir, is followed by N-2, and the trough from N-2 may form an induced Low in North-Central Pakistan.
With some rain on Tuesday, the day temperature drops to 16.5c from yesterday's high. With more rains on Wednesday, the day will be colder at around 11-13c.

New Delhi NCR: Same conditions with max around 31c till Friday. Some decrease in day temperatures from Saturday as we see clouds rolling in on the weekend.

Chennai: Showers in many parts of city, could accumulate around 10-15 mms on Wednesday. But, we may see a decrease in rains again from Thursday till Saturday. Normally, I should be estimating more showers and rains for Chennai at this time of the year. But, the momentum is missing.

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