Friday, October 23, 2015

SW Bay, S Arabian sea is churning

At present, 2 circulations over S Arabian sea and S-W Bay persists and weak ...
By Sunday 25-Oct, evening, we'll have a clear picture of which one of the circulation is expected to intensify and move where?

As of latest GFS, the Bay circulation is expected to intensify into WML along SE Srilanka coast in next 3 days..
Meanwhile, the S Arabian sea circulation will remain East-West elongated and expected to drift West in next 2/3 days.

GFS also predicts the SW Bay system to move NNW and intensify into a Depression near N-tip Srilanka on Monday evening.
If this happens, then HEAVY rain ahead for Tamilnadu coast, Chennai and S-coast Andhra from Monday, 26-Oct, evening !!
The movement of SW Bay system may be controlled by the East travelling WD trough over North India from 27-Oct.. and system may move N,N-E !

Till Sunday morning..
Scattered T showers to continue over S Tamilnadu
Early hrs, Morning showers for S-E,central coast Tamilnadu.

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