Thursday, October 22, 2015

ITCZ and surges in easterly trade

 [1] The ITCZ has gone close to 5 Deg N. This is tropical easterly [NOT easterly wave] and surges in the EASTERLY move from East to west. Usually in the surge points there will be convection and rain

[2] NEM is different and Easterly wave is different.  In the absence of NEM perhaps the disturbance will be in the form of Easterly wave.
Easterly wave is a global wide phenomenon. Tropical easterly ranges from 2000-2500km and it is a WEST moving wavelet. 
[3] The SWM has completely withdrawn from the continent and NEM has not set in yet. Perhaps "KOPPU" may be the culprit which prevents NEM set in.

[4] Most of the blogger write about excess - copious NEM for 2015 and correlate EL NINO. But one has to wait for NEM progress.  

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