Saturday, September 12, 2015

Heavy rain ahead for S Odisha and N Andhra

Today, low,mid-level circulation seen over N-W central Bay, its upper-level circulation seen near central coast Andhra ..
N-W central Bay also hosts a sea level LOW at 1004mb.
West coast offshore trough seen from S coast Maharastra to central coast Kerala

GFS expects this Bay LOW to persist along N-coast Andhra and even deepen to a depression in next 3 days ...
On 14/15-Sep, the expected depression / WML is expected to cross into N coast Andhra...

From today till Tuesday... Karnataka coast and Kerala, S-tip Tamilnadu  will continue to get scattered moderate / heavy rain.

Rainfall alert for next 36hrs
Before morning of 13-Sep...
Scattered T showers over N-E,central,S Andhra, S Odisha, Telegana, N-W,N,N-E Karnataka.
More Scattered T showers expected over W,S,S-central Maharastra on today and Sunday...

Today, scattered T showers also possible for S,S-central Gujarat.

More HEAVY T showers ahead for N Andhra on today, 13,14-Sep.

For N,N-E Tamilnadu and Chennai... isolated T showers possible on today and before Sunday evening.

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