Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thursday - A wet day expected along S-E India up to N Tamilnadu and Chennai

10:30pm, Heavy rain over Chatisgarh, N Jharkhand, Bihar and E Uttarpradesh ...

RT @rdsouza11: light rain here in bangalore  atm @SkymetWeather  @weatherofindia (5:33pm)

Chennai - 11pm, Good heavy cloud buildup seen over W,N-W from city at 100 to 200km.
Moderate rain can push into city around 1am into morning.
A wet Thursday expected over ... Odisha, Chatisgarh, N,N-E,S Andhra, W,central,E Maharastra, S,W,N-W Karnataka, N,N-E Tamilnadu.

Chennai - 27-Aug is expected to be Wet from early morning to late-evening...

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