Wednesday, July 01, 2015

No Bay low till 3/4-July, W,S-W coast will be get less rain.

As of 5:30pm analysis, the low,mid-level circulation is seen over central Uttarpradesh ...
This circulation is expected to persist in this same zone and fizzle out in next 36 / 42hrs.

Today, in upper-level (500hpa) the circulation seen over central U.P and its trough seen upto E Bay...
Another upper-level circulation seen along S-coast Maharastra and this is expected to fizzle out in 12hrs.
The upper-level circulation from central U.P to E Bay is expected to give more wet spells for E,S-E India during next 36hrs.

11:30pm, Less rain seen along W,S-W coast, except Karnataka coast and Kerala, but E-central,S-E India is active ..

During next 48hrs, less rain expected along W,S-W coast except along Karnataka coast.

During next 24hrs... scattered heavy, moderate rain expected from W,N-W Madhyapradesh to N,central chatisgarh, Jharkhand to S,W Bengal
In next 18hrs, heavy scattered rain also expected over E,N-E Maharastra, Telegana, N-E Andhra, S chatisgarh, Odisha ..
Most of the rain today is expected to be over South, Eastern end of monsoon axis.

Chennai - again going to be HOT till 3pm and a light / moderate scattered rain expected after 5/6pm.

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