Sunday, July 05, 2015

More Hot days for Chennai and Monsoon active only over East India

2:30pm, All monsoon guns are silent, except over E Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, N,S Bengal ...

In next 24hrs, a circulation is expected over East end of Monsoon axis over central Bengal ...
This low-level circulation is expected to have a weak upper-level circulation over same zone.
This is expected to move West from 7-Jul.

The upcoming East India low-level circulation is expected to drift slowly to West from Tuesday. 
For East India circulation, There's NO good associated upper-level circulation or surface level LOW expected after Tuesday.

In Western front, offshore trough is expected to get Better from S Maharastra coast to N,central Kerala from 7-Jul.

This Break Monsoon period can persist till 14-Jul due to present MJO dry phase...

There's No indication of N Bay LOW even till 10-Jul, instead an inland strong circulation is expected over N Odisha, Jharkhand on 9-Jul.

Rainfall warning for next 36hrs
Before morning of 6-Jul...
HEAVY rain expected along N,N-E zones of Monsoon axis, that is Nepal, Bihar, N Bengal..

In next 12hrs, scattered rain expected for Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, S,central Bengal and E Madhyapradesh.
Scattered rain also possible for Karnataka coast and Kerala during next 36hrs.
Less or NO rain for Maharastra coast till Monday evening.

Morning of 6-Jul...
Scattered rain possible for central, N-W Uttarpradesh into Himachal, Uttarakhand and Punjab.

Evening, midnight of 6-Jul...
HEAVY rain for W Bihar, E,N Uttarpradesh, into Nepal, Uttarakhand, Himachal, some zones of Haryana.
Evening, midnight of 6-Jul... scattered heavy rain for Punjab, Haryana, and into S,S-W Kashmir ...

Chennai - NO respite from HOT temps on Monday and Tuesday.
A 30% chance of scattered light rain possible after 5/6pm on today, Monday.
Chennai - 4pm, after touching 40 C, a good sea breeze has set-in. And so far NO T-cell formation over Western interiors.

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