Thursday, July 16, 2015

Heavy rain ahead for Uttarpradesh, E-central India in next 36hrs

Upcoming circulation over East end of Monsoon axis, over Bihar is expected to take full shape by morning, 18-Jul..
This circulation is expected to consolidate and move West into E,central Madhyapradesh by Monday, 20-Jul..

Again a weak west coast offshore trough seen from S coast Maharastra to N,central coast Kerala ...
1:30pm, West coast is having very less rain again... Heavy rain over Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand ...

In 24hrs... There's less rain forecast again along Maharastra coast and scattered heavy rain for Karnataka coast and Kerala.

Before morning, 17-Jul..
Heavy, widespread rain for E,central Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, W,central Bengal..

Scattered T showers again expected over S Karnataka, Bangalore, S Andhra, N Tamilnadu and some into Chennai before midnight today.
On 17-Jul... Rain again will push into #Delhi, W Uttarpradesh into Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal and S,central Kashmir.

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