Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heavy rain ahead for Gujarat, N-W,coast Maharastra in next 36/48hrs

Latest analysis show that the low,mid-level circulation is now over E,central Madhyapradesh, N,central Chatisgarh.. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bUY9s.jpg
The W-coast offshore trough is seen from S Pakistan to S-coast Karnataka ... http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bUYkl.jpg

11pm, HEAVY rain over N,W,central Madhyapradesh, N-E Odisha, S-E Jharkhand .. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bUZoo.jpg
RT @AxPn: heavy (welcome) rains - bengaluru @weatherofindia (6:11pm)
Today's rain over N,N-E Tamilnadu concentrated along 12.5N ... S,W suburbs of #Chennai got some drizzles.. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bUZKz.jpg

In next 24hrs, the present low,mid-level Central India circulation is expected to drift W, W-S-W and weaken over S MP, N,N-E Maharastra

By Tuesday night, an upper,mid-level circulation is expected over S,S-E Gujarat ... http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV1G2.jpg
And on 22-Jul... a strong circulation is expected over S,S-W Gujarat and expected to continue drifting West ... http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV27O.jpg

On today and 22-Jul, west coast offshore trough is expected to be strong from S Gujarat to S-coast Karnataka.. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV2ip.jpg

A good burst of HEAVY widespread rain for Kerala, S-tip Tamilnadu expected from 23 to 27-Jul !
Next circulation over Eastern end of monsoon axis is expected on Saturday over Bihar, W,central Bengal, N Jharkhand .. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV2HG.jpg

Rainfall forecast for next 36hrs
Before noon, 21-Jul...
HEAVY rain for N,N-W, coast Maharastra, S,S-E Gujarat, S,S-W Madhyapradesh.. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV36L.jpg

Today forenoon ..
Scattered rain expected over Northern zone of monsoon axis...Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, W UP.
Today noon,
Scattered rain also for Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal, Kolkatta !

Late-evening today into morning of 22-Jul..
Heavy rain expected to push into W,S-W madhyapradesh, S,S-E Rajasthan, E,S,central Gujarat.

Today and 22-Jul..
HEAVY rain for Maharastra coast, Mumbai, Karnataka coast and scattered rain for Kerala.. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV3Gr.jpg
Wednesday morning...
S,central,S-E,E Gujarat can witness a HEAVY widespread rain due to circulation ... http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV3Pl.jpg

Due to good East coast offshore trough from N,central Chatisgarh to S-E Tamilnadu .. more rain ahead over S-E India .. http://static.ow.ly/photos/normal/bV43C.jpg
Today evening...
Moderate / heavy scattered rain for S Karnataka, Bangalore, N,N-E,central Tamilnadu, Chennai, S,central,N-E Andhra.

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