Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ariyalur Rain

The very heavy rain above 10 Deg parallel i.e along Ariyalur (158.0mm) [11.13 Deg N], Senthuri (51.0 mm) [11.2 Deg N] Aduthurai, Kudavasal etc was mainly due to the dense clouds developed by 15Z [2030 hrs IST]. That is evident from this picture.

Similarly the cloud mass lingering over central India {MP, West UP, Rajastan, Gujarat} gave copious rainfall.

The upper wind map of to day shows diminished strength of SWM.  even though that is the nature, it may give rainfall to west coast and TN again along and off 10-11 Deg parallel.

 The 700 hPa wind also indicates this.


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