Monday, June 08, 2015

Ashobaa is here and moving N-W away from India

During past 18hrs, the Cyclone 01A has intensified and moved N-W.
Present position is 18.56N, 66E.
Pressure is around 983mb
Winds gusting to 110 kmph

After evening of 7-Jun, the system has continued to intensify by drifting N-N-W.
Now the system is named as Cyclone Ashobaa.

Latest, 6:30pm, IR shows the cyclone and the Monsoon showers along Kerala coast, Karnataka coast and upto Goa, S-coast Maharastra. Monsoon showers showing signs of reducing intensity.

Some Weather models suggest a N-W movement from here and may reach Oman 10/11-Jun. And some suggest a dissipation somewhere near mouth of Gulf of Oman.

Due to this Cyclone, DRY weather or less monsoon rain expected along S-coast Karnataka and Kerala coast. Some showers will continue along N-coast Karnataka and into S-coast Maharastra during next 2 days.


Mid,Upper-level circulation persists along N-coast Andhra almost in same axis of Cyclone Ashobaa.
This may persist along Andhra coast during next 2 days, giving scattered T showers for Coast, interior Andhra and some into N,N-E Tamilnadu as well.

An odd T shower may break into #Chennai on 9-Jun-2015.

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