Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arabian sea SW Monsoon to get active in next 36/48 hrs

In next 24 to 48hrs, the Monsoon current over Arabian sea is expected to gather pace slowly.
Monsoon is expected to be active along Kerala, Karnataka coast from today and improve around Saturday ... 

From now and before morning of 12-Jun...
HEAVY rain for Kerala coast, Karnataka coast and S,central coast Maharastra 
Today, Scattered T showers expected over S Karnataka, N,N-E Tamilnadu, S,central,N Andhra.
Towards morning of 12-Jun...
Heavy T showers for Telegana, E,central Maharastra, S,central Chatisgarh, S Odisha, S,E Madhyapradesh.

More massive rain to continue over N-E states of India... and Flood situation to worsen ! .. 
Nearly two lakh hit by Assam floods ... 

#Chennai - 11-Jun, light rain can push into W,S-W suburbs in evening, late-evening.
#Chennai - 12-Jun, A T shower is expected after 5pm for W,N-W,S-W suburbs and into city.

On 12-Jun... Heavy rain ahead for S,W,N-W Karnataka, S-W,W,N-W Maharatra and N,N-E,N-W,N-central Tamilnadu.. 

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