Friday, May 22, 2015

Upwelling near Somalia

 The Power House is positioning itself in its NORMAL place. The Wyopming 1000 hPa  Indian Ocean plot as well as Mauritius Meteorological Service 1600 hrs  LT chart depicts the same.

The upwelling near Somalia Coast [i,e interaction in sea] is to take place to bring the SST down by 23 Deg Celsius.  The ocean+ atmospheric reaction is to take place near Somalia Coast to trigger Somali Jet.

This will enhance Arabian Sea (AS) SWM to enter Indian land. But still westerlies are NOT prominent in AS.  There forms a trough in        Eastely in AS which may some times inhibit the SWM wind in AS further.

Thai 220515 12Z

Mauritius Met Service
In Indian SE coast the winds are SWly with 18-25 knots at 0.3 1.2 ams. This prevents convective clouds formations amidst hot and humid condition prevailing [especially Chennai] at coasts.

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