Sunday, May 03, 2015

More Nor'westers for S,S-W Bengal

5:30pm, T showers over S-W,S-central, central Tamilnadu, S,S-E Karnataka, W-ghats Kerala, S,central Chatisgarh.. 
5:30pm, T showers also over S Odisha and S-W,W,central Bengal..

Today again, low-level N-S trough seen from E-central India to Lakshadweep Islands ... 
During next 2 days, the low-level N-S trough is expected from central India to S-tip Tamilnadu ... 

Today, the low-level LWD is seen from W w-ghats of Maharastra to S-tip Tamilnadu ... expected to persist for 2/3 days 
In next 36hrs, a low-level circulation expected over S-W Bay and Srilanka... so more easterlies for Tamilnadu .. 
A weak upper-level (500hpa) circulation is also expected over S-W Bay during next 36hrs ... 

Before midnight of 4-May...
Heavy T showers for W-ghats Kerala, S w-ghats, S,S-central, S-E Karnataka, W-ghats, S-tip, N,N-W, Tamilnadu
In next 36hrs...
Scattered T showers also for N,central,N-E Tamilnadu, S,N-central Andhra into S,central Chatisgarh 
Next 36hrs, more Nor'westers for S,central,N-E Odisha and into S,S-W Bengal !
Scattered T showers to persist over N,central zones of N-E States during next 36hrs !

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