Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Agni Natchatram is here, Hot days ahead from 7-May

Today, the low-level N-S trough from E-central India is almost non-existent ... http://ow.ly/i/aF9Bu 
Instead, a weak easterlies is present over South Peninsula due to the persisting low-level circulation over SW bay http://ow.ly/i/aF9Bu

In next 36hrs, the N-S trough from E-central India is expected to be back upto S-tip Tamilnadu !
From 7-May, the N-S low level trough from Bihar, E-central India is expected to be perfect upto S-Tip Tamilnadu ... http://ow.ly/i/aFacj 

This N-S low-level trough will change the wind direction to W,N-W over many zones of S,central Peninsula ... this'll raise the Day temp.
"Agni Natchatram" days has started over Tamilnadu, Chennai... meaning Super HOT days ahead.
Yes, HOT days for Chennai to start from 7-May.

Today, the low-level LWD is seen from N-W Maharastra W-ghats to S-tip Tamilnadu ... http://ow.ly/i/aFawR 

On today and 6-May...
Scattered T showers to persist along W-ghats Kerala, N-W,W,S,W-ghats Tamilnadu, W-ghats, S,S-W,N-W Karnataka.
Today, evening, late-evening...
Scattered T showers for W,S,central Maharastra into S,central Chatisgarh.

On 6-May...
Heavy T showers for W-ghats Kerala, W-ghats, N-W Tamilnadu, S,S-W,W-ghats Karnataka... http://ow.ly/i/aFaYa 
6-May, evening, late-evening..
HEAVY rain for central,E,N-E Karnataka, N,N-central,N-E Andhra, S Chatisgarh, S,central Odisha.

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