Wednesday, May 13, 2015

92A is here

Yesterday's Comorin sea circulation has moved N-N-W into S-E corner Arabian sea near to S coast Kerala at low-levels 
At upper-level (500hpa) the circulation is seen slightly to north over Lakshadweep and near to N-coast Kerala... 

This Kerala coast system is being tracked as "92A".

Due to upper-level W.D trough seen upto 20N... the Kerala coast circulation 92A "may" not move N-W into Arabian sea during next 3 days!
Instead, the 92A is expected to persist over Lakshadweep, N,central coast for next 3 days till 16-May ... 
GFS expects the 92A to slow down, persist along Kerala coast and Move N-W on 17/18-May and Intensify !! 

Due to expected persistence of 92A along Kerala coast...
HEAVY rain for Kerala, W-ghats,S-tip,coastal,S-central Tamilnadu during 24hrs.
Heavy rain also for S,S-W,W-ghats,N-W Karnataka into S-W,W, W-ghats Maharastra during next 24hrs... 
in 24hrs, T showers for N-E Andhra into S,central Odisha.
WD rain for Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand.

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