Thursday, February 26, 2015

The upcoming W.D system is expected to bring HEAVY rain for many zones W,N,central,N-W and even South India from Saturday evening !!

Now, an upper-level W.D circulation is seen over Iran and another weak one over N pakistan.
By 28-Feb, the W.D upper trough is expected to deepen and move to 62E and dipping South upto 15N ... 
On Sunday, this W.D trough is expected to drift into W,N-W India and continue to move East !

On 28-Feb, the upper-level W.D trough is expected to drop mid,low-level circulation over S Pakistan, N Arabian sea.. 
28-Feb, morning, the low-level circulation is expected to be over N Arabian sea and in next 24hrs it's expected to move to central Rajasthan
1-Mar, low-level circulation will be over central Rajasthan and its trough will dip S-W upto N,N-central Arabian sea 

Due to this W.D upper-level trough and low-level circulation.. a strong moisture pull is expected thru Maharastra coast into Central,N India

Friday, before late-evening... scattered rain for E,central Uttarpradesh and into Bihar.
Upcoming W.D will push in Cloudy weather for W,N-W,N,N-central India from Saturday morning !
28-Feb, also, scattered rain expected for central, E Uttarpradesh.

From evening of 28-Feb...
Rain for W,N-W,S-W Gujarat.
Heavy for Punjab, Haryana, W Uttarpradesh, Madhyapradesh, W-coast,central Maharastra

From saturday evening/night into Sunday...
Heavy S-W monsoon style rain expected for Maharastra coast, #Mumbai ... 
Late-evening, 28-Feb to night of Sunday..
"Super Sunday Rain"
Mumbai, W,N-W,central,N Maharastra, Punkab, kashmir, haryana, Himachal, Delhi.
"Super Sunday Rain" also for ... central,N,E Madyapradesh, many zones of Uttarpradesh and Uttarakhand... 

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