Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Stormy conditions in south coastal India

We had intimated you regarding the high chances of a storm at Alabama, USA,  on 26th January IST  i.e. 25th Jan, USA time. Our forecast was correct, which was made almost two weeks prior to 25th Jan, much before any forecast by National Weather Service, USA. The report of NWS, USA, is attached.
Our next forecasts are as under:
a)      There is a high chance of stormy conditions in the coastal belts of Southern India likely to be on or around 10th February, 2015. Further details will be intimated as the situation emerges.
b)      No forecast has been made by Indian Meteorological Department till date about the above situation.
c)       Our earlier forecast of Mount Fuji eruption during the end of March, 2015 still holds good.
It is requested that on the actual happening of the above incidents, we may be kindly informed so that we may evaluate the efficiency of our Indigenous Hazardous Weather Forecast System.


                                                                    GAUTAM MANDAL
                                                         (SWAMI HARDAS FOUNDATION)
   This is the unanimous  e mail sent to me. Let us watch.

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