Friday, November 14, 2014

Posted Friday 14th Night: What's in Store this weekend ?

Konkan, Coastal Karnataka, Goa and North Kerala will get light to medium thunder showers on Saturday and Sunday. 
Saturday and Sunday: Coastal towns in Konkan and Karnataka will get afternoon showers, around 7 -10 mms/day. 
Interior regions of Madhya Mah ( Pune, Solapur, Kolhapur), Interior Karnataka strip ( Belgaum) will get around 25-30 mms/day. 
Goa will get afternoon showers this weekend, with around 10 mms/day.

Saturday: Partly cloudy morning, getting cloudy by afternoon. Light thunder showers in parts by late afternoon. Winds will be low. Day's high will be around 31c. Rain amount upto 5 mms.
Sunday: Partly cloudy, and getting cloudy to some extent by late afternoon. Light rains in some parts, not exceeding 5 mms.

On Saturday, Outer townships in the East like Panvel will get fairly heavy short spells of thunder showers in the afternoon/evening. Could be around 10 mms again. Saturday's high will be around 31c. 
Further away, Pen and Roha can also possibly get late afternoon thunder shower, around 10 mms , with a cool cloudy Saturday. Sunday, stray thunder shower in patches.

Pune: Cloudy weekend, with thunder showers. A few fairly heavy spells in the afternoon. A cool Saturday at 25c will see around 10 mms , and Sunday will get a sharp thunder shower late afternoon.

A stray thunder shower possible in Chennai on Saturday, maybe around 10-15 mms. 

Northern and Eastern India and Pakistan remain dry and cold. Night temperatures have dropped on Friday morning. Likely to remain low this weekend.
Delhi around 9/10c, Islamabad around 5c and Karachi in the 35 -20c range.

Kathmandu: Nepal will be dry. The capital will see a high of 21c and a low of 10c, No rainfall this weekend. This Month has been dry so far.

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