Sunday, October 12, 2014

Posted Sunday Night:
Nagpur and Raipur can get thunder showers on Monday. Cloudy and cooler, the showers may accumulate around 25 mms in the day.Rains decreasing from Tuesday.

A WD approaching from the West will precipitate rains and snow in Northern Pakistan and in Kashmir from Sunday Night. Monday will see rains in Northern Pakistan and North Indian Hill States.
Light rains likely in Punjab/Haryana.
Delhi gets showers in some parts from 13th night or 14th.

Caution: The WD moves with a trough in the 30N , and could inter act with Hudhud (as a Depression or Well Marked Low). Hence, heavy falls likely in Utterakhand and Western Nepal on 14th. Landslides likely in the region.

From Vagaries

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