Tuesday, July 08, 2014

1. Mumbai region, only around Mumbai saw a spurt of rain on Monday evening, with Colaba measuring 24 mms, Scuz 62 mms and Vagaries 68 mms till Night.
A spurt i say as the immediate South (Alibag) and the immediate North (Nala Sopara) saw nothing. Due to a local incursion again.

Next 3/4 days, we see major meaning full rains along West cCoast of India, East UP, NE States and North Bengal. Besides this, rains in Telangana and adjoining South Chattisgarh...

Tuesday 8th July onwards, we see the West Coast trough strengthening from Goa Southwards. The trough will also gain Northwards towards Konkan from Tuesday night or Wednesday.
While good showers are expected along the coast in Karnataka and Goa on Tuesday thru Friday, we can expect showers to increase in entire Konkan from Wednesday.
Rainfall increasing in Kerala and interior Kerala from 10th.
The MJO remains neutral in the seas around the Indian Sub Continent. A strong MJO is seen moving East South of the Indian Peninsula.
Mumbai will see cloudy skies with a few showers on Tuesday, and increasing rains on Tuesday Night.Around 30 mms in the evening/night.  Wednesday will get intermittent rain spells with again more rain in the evening. Would expect 35 - 40 mms Wednesday till Thursday morning.

2. An upper air High pressure area forms over the Northern/NW regions of India from Tuesday. Dry winds at 500/700 hp from the North would would bring sunny and hot conditions to the Northern regions and  drier conditions in Punjab. Haryana, Delhi, West UP, MP, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Since the High is towards central India, Saurashtra region may get some showrs on Thursday.
Interior Maharshtra sees no major rains next 3/4 days.

Pakistan is expected to be maily dry and hot next 3/4 days.

3. An UAC at 500 hp forms over Telangana and surrounding areas on Tuesday 8th. Very heavy rains expected in Telangana, adjoining South Chattisgarh. Hyderabad and Ramagundam can get heavy showers on 8th and 9th.
Similarly, an UAC form s at 500 hp level off the TN coast on Wednesday. Coastal AP and North coastal TN ( including Chennai) can expect showers on Wednesday and Thursday.

4. UAC over Central UP will move eastwards along the trough in the North. Heavy rains expected in Eastern UP on Tuesday/Wednesday. From Thursday, Heavy showers restricted to Northern Bengal and North Bangladesh. NE states benefit from the UAC

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