Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Low pressure system and rainfall

The seasonal low found over most continents in summer and, to a lesser extent, over adjacent ocean areas in winter may be termed as seasonal monsoonal (heat) low.  Usually such Low pressure systems are responsible for rainfall of a particular place / region. The formation of small inland vortex due to intense heating of land is evident in south peninsular India during this summer. It attracted moist air from sea [sea breeze]  The relation between rainfall and low pressure system [either over sea or over land] has been established by many. Further this time the POWER HOUSE of SWM – “The Mascarene High” is not strengthened to required mark near Mauritius. However another segment of HIGH in south IO is propagating cross equatorial winds and thus the winds become Bay branch of SWM  The inland heating over south India and central India i.e East of 76 Deg E is relatively pronounced.  This enables the already set in Bay branch of SWM winds to surge towards the inland heat low.  In lower latitudes it moved from East to West and gave fairly wide spread rainfall over southern parts of the country.

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